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Counseling Associates of Utah is a cooperative group of highly qualified, like-minded professionals dedicated to providing therapy at its best. We supply our therapists with a consistent flow of new clients, insurance credentialing, clinical note software, office coordination, receptionist, and billing technology. At Counseling Associates of Utah, we strive to ensure that you, as a therapist, experience the highest levels of career satisfaction, the healthiest life-work balance, greater financial rewards, and more personal fulfillment than any other work opportunity.

Counseling Associates of Utah offers a supportive environment where the needs of therapists and clients are met simultaneously by matching clients’ needs with therapists’ skills. We offer individual, couples, family, and group sessions.

When people seek out therapy, they require understanding, empathetic professionals – professionals which meet their specific needs. By combining our efforts, Counseling Associates of Utah ensure the best match between client and therapist, long before the first session of therapy starts. Within our ever-growing coalition of highly skilled therapists, it becomes much easier for clients to find the counselors which best fit their needs.

If you are a highly skilled, licensed professional, we will recognize and compensate you for your strengths as well as the overall benefits of your therapy. You will feel more fulfilled as you see more people achieve their goals due to our unique matching format. And you will find greater happiness and peace at home, never having to work more than you are able. With your expertise, we can help as many people as possible, in the most significant ways possible: by providing therapy at its best.